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  1. Hey, Dorothy! I really enjoyed clicking through your project! As far as aesthetics go, I love the look and the set up of your project website. I think it is really well organized and flows perfectly for this sort of project. Truthfully, my only critique of your portfolio so far is the lack of hyperlinks! I really love your first story and I think it is written very technically well. I do wish, however, there was a bit more creative freedom with how you told your story. I think I relied a lot on your authors note to fully grasp exactly what is going on , but I really enjoyed it! I love how you are able to really build off of the source text given the confines that you are working with. Overall, I cannot wait to see where this project goes, and to see how it expands in the coming weeks! best of luck to you!

  2. Hi Dorothy! I like the set-up of your page a lot! It is very clean looking. I also liked the photos that you used; they went with the theme very well. Good job of the set-up of your page! I think you could add some hyperlinks to connect the pages, just so it makes a little bit easier to click back and forth. I was a bit confused about how to get to your main page from the comment wall but other than that, I think that your website is great! As for the story, I really enjoyed it! I was curious to know more about the Rakshashas as well, and I think you added some depth to them that wasn't necessarily in the Ramayana itself. I think one thing that could help strengthen your story a bit more is if you put some of what you said in your author's note in the story. I understood the message that you were trying to get across, but I didn't see it as clearly in the story. I hope that makes sense! Great job!

  3. Hello Dorothy. I think the organization you have going for your project home page is great. I appreciate organization and ease of access more than image flair, so I like that you have a section in the left part of the screen for quickly navigating between the stories, comment wall, and the home page. The first story you have up right now is fantastic! I honestly almost forgot I was reading a version from a fellow student, it was like reading an adapted novel of this scene! The dialogue was super engaging, and the part with Rama consecutively denying Lakashmana was really intense. I really don't have any glaring issues with the way you adapted your version of the tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great stuff!

  4. Hey Dorothy,
    Wow I really liked how you decided to shift the focus of the story to better represent who Soorpanaka is as a character. I found the organization of the story to be really great and I really enjoyed the dialogue used. I also found it kind of crazy that they cut off her nose, ears, and breasts. I wonder why the different versions of the original story do not incorporate the information you discovered of Soorpanaka, it helped a lot to understand a little of her origins. It definitely makes a lot more sense on her willingness to help Rama knowing that Ravana killed her husband. What if you drew out that fact a little more in the story? I was able to understand that's the direction you were going after reading the authors notes but from just reading it was still a little vague what message you wanted to get across.

  5. Hi Dorothy!
    Your story is impressively engaging and a great read. I wanted to continue reading it and to know what would happen, and you transition throughout the story wonderfully. While reading, you use great details to make sure that the reader knows how the characters are feeling or how they look. In a few instances, like when Soorpanka is wondering about Sita, I think a little more detail about her thoughts or what she imagines would help cue the reader into her feelings and lead some foreshadowing into what she will do next. It could also add a little drama to the story or give you an opportunity to allude to other parts of the epic. Your story includes an abundance of descriptive words, insight into the characters thoughts, and interesting dialogue, so I do not think it is lacking at all. These are just ideas for new things to add! Great job!

  6. Hi Dorothy! I really enjoyed reading your story and the fact that you were re-telling another story, but making various changes of your own. It is an awesome read because I had not read that particular story so this was the first version of it that I had read! I think it is really neat and creative how you were able to sympathize with the antagonist a bit, as you mentioned in the author's note. Not many people will try to portray the antagonist as someone who is misunderstood or as a person who has feelings/emotions as well. The best part was the surprise attack of Lakshmana, as I had totally forgot that he was there as well! You did a fantastic job in telling this story and it felt like it was out of the original readings. I cannot find anything to critique other than maybe you could go into more detail on what Soorpanaka looked like before her disguise. Great stuff!!

  7. Dorothy,

    I really like the design of your blog. I find it nice that it is clean and concise. The thought that you put into the organization of the blog is refreshing. I read your first story and was really impressed. Your writing quality is superb. If you were to put this on a blind test, I would have most likely have thought that this was actually in the epic. Your dialogue and background information was very helpful when it came to describing the scene and the characters' intentions. Good evidence of good writing skills is making sure that the writer can understand the perspective of the antagonist, and you did a great job of making sure that the readers could somewhat understand what Soorpanaka was trying to do. Overall, I really enjoyed your story and I look forward to reading more pieces that you decide to publish in the future.


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